Saturday, February 25, 2017


A week ago God taught me about “two words” that I decided to allow God to teach me about before I shared with everyone else….well here we go

The two words are:
1. “one”
2. “another”

the dictionary definitions of these two words are:
“one” – a single person or thing
“another” – one more in addition

when listening to a sermon that week, the pastor shared these two words together in the aspect of:
“how intentional am I about one-anothering”?

just the thought of that phrase/question alone got me to do a lot of searching in God’s Word about this meaning as well as in my own heart/life about this question.

The word “one” can be lonely but when you pair it with the word “another” it is encouraging, it is promising, it is hopeful.

I began searching God’s Word for the commands God gives us about being “one-anothering”. And let me say WOW! His Word teaches us so much about these two little words….check em’ out

1. Be at peace with one another
2. Wash one another’s feet
3. Love one another
4. Be devoted to one another
5. Honor one another
6. Live in harmony with one another
7. Stop passing judgment on one another
8. Accept one another
9. Instruct one another
10. Greet one another with a holy kiss
11. Wait for one another
12. Have equal concern for one another
13. Serve one another
14. Stop biting & devouring one another
15. Don’t provoke one another
16. Carry one another’s burdens
17. Be kind and compassionate to one another
18. Forgive one another
19. Speaks psalms to one another
20. Submit to one another
21. Don’t lie to one another
22. Bear with one another
23. Teach one another
24. Admonish one another
25. Encourage one another
26. Build up one another
27. Do not slander one another
28. Don’t grumble against one another
29. Confess your sins to one another
30. Offer hospitality to one another
31. Pray for one another

Until I just now typed these out I didn’t realize there were (31) listed in my journal---WOW ya’ll that’s one for every day of the month---and that’s not even all of them the Bible has in it.

I asked God to show me how intentional I am in “one-anothering” and the first thing he showed me to do was to replace the words “one another” in each of the phrases with my husband’s name (examples:

*pray for Marty
*don’t grumble against Marty
*bear Marty’s burdens
*serve Marty
*don’t provoke Marty
*speak psalms to Marty
*admonish Marty
*be devoted to Marty
*be at peace with Marty
*honor Marty

May I say how eye-opening this exercise was for me in teaching me how to be “one-anothering” with my husband, because I must be that at home with him before I can be that to this world.

I have been sitting on these thoughts/lessons for a week now as God has been continually teaching me through these two little, but powerful words and the things I have learned are just amazing.

I already knew but learned even deeper this past week that you can’t do life alone…I don’t believe that God meant for us to or He would not have given us all those verses of how to “one-another” with and for each other.

These “one-another” commands can characterize our lives, can result in God-centered friendships/relationships and promote peace/unity in our families.

These commands can be challenging but can also be motivating. Being “one-anothering” expresses Gods Heart for us and His intention which was to be in relationship with Him AND others…so as I challenged myself over this past week and sought “how intentional I am with “one-anothering” I am now challenging each of you to seek the “one-anothers” from God’s Word in your life and ask God how and if you need to make any changes in any of these areas. I will be praying for each of you as God shows you and teaches you how to be “one-anothering”

“One-Anothering” helps us to learn how to do life together, it helps us grow in loving, caring, serving, leading, and learning with each other….so don’t delay-start today!

I want to thank Pastor Josh Finklea at The Rock Church for the first sermon in the series “My House” as it catapulted me into learning “how intentional I was/am in "one-anothering".

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