Saturday, July 8, 2017

Adoption Photo Puzzle Fundraiser

The process has begun.....
Photo Puzzle Fundraiser for my grandson
We are asking a $5.00 per piece donation or if you prefer to donate more per piece that would be great!!!
With your donation we will include your name on the back of the piece....once all pieces have had a donation we will put the puzzle together and hang in little mans room so he can know about all of you who helped to "bring him home"
**this photo puzzle is of his big sister waiting on him to get here***

We would love to have the 252 piece puzzle finished in 2-3 away and donate today!
You can click the website link below (click on donate now button in the heading) to make a donation 
(please type a note  in screen to advise the donation is for the puzzle fundraiser)

Thanks to everyone who will help us bring our little man home !!!

Saturday, February 25, 2017


A week ago God taught me about “two words” that I decided to allow God to teach me about before I shared with everyone else….well here we go

The two words are:
1. “one”
2. “another”

the dictionary definitions of these two words are:
“one” – a single person or thing
“another” – one more in addition

when listening to a sermon that week, the pastor shared these two words together in the aspect of:
“how intentional am I about one-anothering”?

just the thought of that phrase/question alone got me to do a lot of searching in God’s Word about this meaning as well as in my own heart/life about this question.

The word “one” can be lonely but when you pair it with the word “another” it is encouraging, it is promising, it is hopeful.

I began searching God’s Word for the commands God gives us about being “one-anothering”. And let me say WOW! His Word teaches us so much about these two little words….check em’ out

1. Be at peace with one another
2. Wash one another’s feet
3. Love one another
4. Be devoted to one another
5. Honor one another
6. Live in harmony with one another
7. Stop passing judgment on one another
8. Accept one another
9. Instruct one another
10. Greet one another with a holy kiss
11. Wait for one another
12. Have equal concern for one another
13. Serve one another
14. Stop biting & devouring one another
15. Don’t provoke one another
16. Carry one another’s burdens
17. Be kind and compassionate to one another
18. Forgive one another
19. Speaks psalms to one another
20. Submit to one another
21. Don’t lie to one another
22. Bear with one another
23. Teach one another
24. Admonish one another
25. Encourage one another
26. Build up one another
27. Do not slander one another
28. Don’t grumble against one another
29. Confess your sins to one another
30. Offer hospitality to one another
31. Pray for one another

Until I just now typed these out I didn’t realize there were (31) listed in my journal---WOW ya’ll that’s one for every day of the month---and that’s not even all of them the Bible has in it.

I asked God to show me how intentional I am in “one-anothering” and the first thing he showed me to do was to replace the words “one another” in each of the phrases with my husband’s name (examples:

*pray for Marty
*don’t grumble against Marty
*bear Marty’s burdens
*serve Marty
*don’t provoke Marty
*speak psalms to Marty
*admonish Marty
*be devoted to Marty
*be at peace with Marty
*honor Marty

May I say how eye-opening this exercise was for me in teaching me how to be “one-anothering” with my husband, because I must be that at home with him before I can be that to this world.

I have been sitting on these thoughts/lessons for a week now as God has been continually teaching me through these two little, but powerful words and the things I have learned are just amazing.

I already knew but learned even deeper this past week that you can’t do life alone…I don’t believe that God meant for us to or He would not have given us all those verses of how to “one-another” with and for each other.

These “one-another” commands can characterize our lives, can result in God-centered friendships/relationships and promote peace/unity in our families.

These commands can be challenging but can also be motivating. Being “one-anothering” expresses Gods Heart for us and His intention which was to be in relationship with Him AND others…so as I challenged myself over this past week and sought “how intentional I am with “one-anothering” I am now challenging each of you to seek the “one-anothers” from God’s Word in your life and ask God how and if you need to make any changes in any of these areas. I will be praying for each of you as God shows you and teaches you how to be “one-anothering”

“One-Anothering” helps us to learn how to do life together, it helps us grow in loving, caring, serving, leading, and learning with each other….so don’t delay-start today!

I want to thank Pastor Josh Finklea at The Rock Church for the first sermon in the series “My House” as it catapulted me into learning “how intentional I was/am in "one-anothering".

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Do you Like T-Shirts?

You know you like T-Shirts…here are many kinds of T-Shirts or reasons we all buy them:

*supporting our local sports teams
*supporting professional sports teams
*cities or countries we've visited
*supporting the church we attend
*supporting a cure for a disease
*supporting a music group we like to hear
*supporting a candidate running for office
*supporting our favorite race car driver
*supporting our favorite restaurant
*supporting our schools
*just for fashion
*represent a TV Shows or movies 

 let me tell give a new purpose/reason for a cute new T-Shirt ----  (adopting a little girl)

would you consider supporting our little granddaughter by purchasing one of the t-shirts on this link. These donations are helping us get closer to the funds  needed to "Bring Her Home"

check it out and buy a few…..if you can't then would you please pray for our family, thanks a bunch

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Adoption Auction

Somebody out there gotta wanna get their hands on this great souvenir and for a great cause…who will be the winner of this great prize! Hey ya'll I have some more good stuff to auction, but only after each item sells….come on & bid….ok I will take the minimum bid down to $100.00….but the biggest bidder wins the prize….and remember you are helping my daughter get her daughter…won't you donate today?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Calling Out to All Mammas & Daddys

Do you remember the “very first time” you saw your child?   answer a few questions about that moment:
--where was it
--what did you do
--how did you feel
--what did you think
--who were you with

Now that you have all those memories right at the forefront of your thoughts….isn’t it GREAT to think about those precious moments!

Here is a picture of our "first look" of our daughter (after she was cleaned up of course):

Now, think about my daughter and son-in-law (Matt&Kelly) for a moment and how they will be answering these same questions and experience similar feelings when they get to meet their daughter on the day they get to pick her up and “bring her home”.  

These are moments and memories that will never leave you….forever….

So I am asking you…will you help them to have
those moments---those memories too?

You may be asking "how can I help to do that?"….well here is the answer to that question.

We are asking every Mamma and Daddy to go to and donate to their adoption.     They need lots of funds to get their precious girl home to them.

Don’t wait to give later..give now(and give later too!) the quicker you give…the quicker these two can experience that similar “moment” that you did when you saw your child for the “very first time”.

 Will you help them to have that "very first time" too !

every dollar is important and every donation given on-line is tax-deductible
so give a little or give a lot
but the most important is to GIVE !

Monday, December 29, 2014

When my Husband was told he would become a PawPaw

The way we received the news was by them giving each of us a gift.

My husband's gift was a book named "The Very Quiet Cricket"

He read this book to our kids over and over all the time.  He would always make funny noises or say the words funny when he was reading to them. And they would want him to read it all the time.

There was a note written from our daughter to her daddy and placed in the inside of the book, part of the note sad:
"you need to practice reading this, because you are gonna be a pawpaw"

And Yes he started crying too….he finally caught on to what this meant after he saw me crying while I was opening my gift.    
"Our kids are adopting"

This is going to be an amazing journey, an exciting journey, and many days will feel like a forever journey….the ways that you can help us to bring our little girl home soon is to:

Read their story
Pray for them and their little girl
Share their story with others
and then Give to their family

go to and help make a "forever family" reality

Saturday, December 27, 2014

When I was told I would become a Grandmother

It was Dec 10 2014 and my daughter sent me a text message while I was at work and asked if her daddy and me would like to come visit her and Matt for the weekend and go to the "Night of 1000 candles".  I said "I will talk to daddy and let you know"   So I did, he said yes and on Friday Dec 12 we headed down to their house.

We always get excited to come and visit with our kiddypoos!  Little did we know then that it was all a setup/a plan from them to share with us some exciting news.    Once we got all settled in they were ready to share this special news with us.

The way we received the news was by them giving each of us a gift.

My gift was this frame with a heart in the state of SC mapped route down to the country of India

And Yes I immediately started crying….I was going to become a "grandmother" of a precious little girl from India.    "Our kids are adopting"

This is going to be an amazing journey, an exciting journey, and many days will feel like a forever journey….the ways that you can help us to bring our little girl home soon is to:

Read their story
Pray for them and their little girl
Share their story with others
and then Give to their family

go to and help make a "forever family" reality

Friday, December 19, 2014

Bringing Home My Granddaughter

looking for an additional tax deductible donation for these last 12 days of 2014….well click on this link and not only are you helping your taxes but more than that you are 

"bringing home my granddaughter from India"

click and hear their precious story and then click and give
we love ya and we thank ya!

go to

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wanna Help folks who have MS-Multiple Sclerosis

Hi folks,

I will be walking 50 miles to help people who suffer with MS.   I need your help.....would you please click on this attached link to my MS webpage and make a donation to these wonderful folks and help bring a possible cure closer than ever before.   I will be walking with the National MS Society and our minimum amount to raise is $1500.00,  so far I have raised $360.00.....only $1140.00 to go.

Would you please consider and give them folks some hope of walking and being cured one day!

They need YOU!

Thanks much

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Looking for a bible study for women, teens, or single?

Have you been looking for a bible study for women, teens or singles?
Here is a link to a wonderful group and some great studies starting next Monday Oct 1 2012

Would love to have you join!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Home....what a place to be...

Six kinds of homes.....

*A home of love ~ this is where God's arms are extended to help us, support us, encourages us and embraces us.

*A home of acceptance ~ this is a place where you are valued, celebrated, enjoyed and appreciated.

*A home of protection ~ this is a place where you can be sheltered from storms, a place to find safety from the heat or cold of the day, and the battering winds that beat against you.

*A home of fellowship ~ this is a place where you can open your heart up to Him, where your feelings can be expressed, where your thoughts can be expressed; where deep touches deep in sweet communion.

*A home of light ~ this is a place where the glow of bulbs light your path throughout your home so it is possible to find your way.

*A home of warmth ~ this is a place where the fire of His presence burns lightly; its beauty drawing you close - bringing laughter, shared joys, while the golden flames of mercy and grace warm the deepest chills within.

And an extra one that is the best:

*A home in heaven ~ this is a place where you will live "forever" with our Lord Jesus, but this is only a place for people who have accepted Him as their Savior. If you haven't asked him yet to be your Lord you can do so today and then there is a "home in heaven" for you too.

Wanna home you don't have to pay for? Its free!

Don't know how? send me a comment and I'll help you learn how to actually get something for free in this world.


My SSMT #8 for 2011 is:

"If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done." Ecclesiastes 11:4

Commentary from my Bible on this verse: If we wait for the perfect time to read our Bible, we will never begin. If we wait for the perfect church, we will never join one. If we wait for the perfect ministry, we will never serve. Why are we doing all this waiting? Don't wait for conditions that may never exist, instead take steps now to grow spiritually.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What we are not....

We are not alone..........for God is with us.... We are not defenseless.....for God is our protector.... We are not inadequate....for God is our sufficiency.... We are not useless.......for God has a purpose for us.... We are not hopeless.....for God is our future.....We are not unaccepted, rejected or abandoned......for God loves us with an everlasting love.


My memory verse #7 for this year is: "Commit to the LORD whatever you do and He will establish your plans." Proverbs 16:3 (NIV) The reason I chose this verse is because I want to make sure I commit each day to Him every morning and by doing this I am allowing Him to establish the plans of my day and the path He would have me take. When we try to takeover what is His job then we just make a mess of it, so in order to be in "His Will" I need to let Him do all the "establishing" and me just stick to the "committing", then and only then will I truly experience what "His" plans are for me.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Going Beyond "Life Interrupted" Simulcast

Would you like to spend some time worshipping and sharing in God's Word with ladies.
check out the attached link for a live simulcast we will be having at our church next weekend April 1st and 2nd with Priscilla Shirer.

Calvary Baptist Church
830 North Jones
Rock Hill SC
328-6632 - church office

We would love to have any and all of you who would be interested in coming to hear God's Word and what special message He has just for you to learn.

you can click on the link at go online and register for the event, this will help us know how many study guides to have available for all you special ladies.

Please come and bring a friend or two or more with you. God has something special in store for you, don't you wanna find out what it is.......yeah me too.....hope to see you there

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My sixth memory verse for this year is:

1 Peter 5:7 (CEV) "God cares for you, so turn all your worries over to Him".

This verse is such a great reminder to me that God cares for me enough that I can turn any worries, stresses or struggles that I face each day over to Him and He will carry them for me, and He will bear the weight of each one. All I have to do is "turn them over" and not think about when He will answer or how He will answer, just let Him take control and let His plan be "the plan". After all He's the only one who knows the answer, the only thing I have any control over is to pray them to Him.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy 49th Birthday to my Sister....

I love you Pam!

Our work matters Part II....

We get ourself into a huge trap when we do our work to please people instead of God, because we expect people to give us praise and recognition when we do a job and when we don't receive what we expect from them we go on our way pouting and complaining, and we make our mind up that we are "never" gonna do anything else for them again.

Trying to please people can rob you of your joy. God's way to freedom and joy is for you to do your work as unto Him.

From the Lord is where we will receive our reward, not from men; and what better place to get it from huh? Getting a paycheck is a reward from our job but that paycheck only meets our temporary needs our eternal rewards we get from God will "outshine" "outlast" them all.

The highest purpose at your job each day is to please Him, to bring a smile to His face.

At the end of each day, no mans words of praise to us will matter at all, what truly matters is what God thinks and says to us. No greater recognition could be given than those beautiful words that He will say over your life "I am well pleased with you my child"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Memory verse #5 for this year

Romans 12:11, "Never be lazy in your work, but serve the Lord enthusiastically".

The reason I chose this verse is for it to remind me to never be lazy and to serve Him excitedly not begrudgingly because I feel like I have to, but because "I want to" and "I get to" and in turn I want Him to use me to serve others.

I want to always be challenged by Him to inconvenience me and my schedule, therefore there is no time for laziness.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The hardest answer to hear.....

When we come to God with certain petitions, we can be eternally grateful that sometimes His answer is "NO my child"

It is important for us to understand that His "NO" is not based upon our lack of sincerity, but upon the greatness of His wisdom. He is much too wise to say "YES" to any prayer that would bring us more harm than good if it were granted.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My scripture memory verse #4 is

Psalms 73:26, "My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever".

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our work matters.....

Col 3:23-24 "Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ".

What a great morning devotion with my Lord today. This wonderful passage he gave me today helps me to realize that whatever I am doing that I am significant to Him. God does not want any of us to struggle with this little word "insignificance".

Ok, so we may be picked last for a game of dodgeball, we may be on the bottom of the pay scale at our jobs, we may be the one who has to stay behind because there's no more room in the vehicle where all the girls are going on a shopping spree, but none of these things has to do with our significance.

What we do whether its a big job or a small task, (being a missionary or cleaning the toilets at church) they are all assignments from the Lord and therefore that alone makes it significant to Him.

Then "the attitude" in which we do these things is important to God. We must put everything from our soul into these assignments. God wants us to approach each task with thankfulness and not complaining. (yep cleaning toilets is not glamorous) but doing it for God's house makes it special.

When we wake up each morning with a pumped up attitude on our hearts and our lips that can make all the difference in our day......remember the work we do matters to God you are not at all insignificant so embrace what your new day brings and then give thanks back to God for it.

****stay tuned for part II of our work matters.........

Friday, February 11, 2011

WOW what prayer can do....

This morning my devotion was about "Zero Tolerance" (written by Roy Lessin)

He asked these questions; how much anxiety should you carry in your heart? much worry should fill your mind? much fear should agitate your soul?

Then he goes onto to tell us: "The best and only policy toward all these (anxiety, worry and fear) is "Zero tolerance". Through prayer, you must close the door to every enemy of God's peace. It is His peace within you that will stand guard against the things that want to trouble you and give you unrest.

Well let me say this; there was absolute zero tolerance today. I had a band of prayer warriors praying for me at 1:00 p.m. today when I was going to be facing a difficult moment. As I was sitting there I could feel my soul becoming rested, I could feel my heart calm, and I knew that all my precious friends were lifting up special conversations on my behalf to our Lord.

Thanks for all who lifted me up during this important time.....and praise you God for answering.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shout out to my "Sweet Tuesdays"

I want to say a huge "THANK YOU" to all my Sweet Tuesdays who shared from their hearts tonite at Bible study. You may not have not noticed but for the "first" time ever since I've been coming to this Bible study group for over 3 years now did I sit there in complete silence the entire night with tears periodically coming forth.

Me and God had some great times together this week during homework each day, however each page is so fresh with what I'm facing in my life for the past year that it was difficult for me to share out loud. I'm so thankful for how God is growing me thru it all, and I look so forward to where He will take me through it all too.

Thanks for allowing me to sit and "hear" you, as each thing you shared help me get a little closer to God's plan for me, and each thing you shared is helping my growth and my relationship with Him, which will also grow my relationship and love for others.

I want to "Love God", "Love Others" and "Do Something about it"
not just sit back and float through life.

Again thanks to all of you for sharing your life and your heart with me and helping me to grow.

And to finish off this post from Jerri's message to us all.....
"remember, someone is watching us"

I want to ensure that the people who are watching me are "SEEING HIM"

I love ya'll

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

my mind in a million places.....

WOW, I can't even put together my thoughts for you tonite because my mind is roaming in a million places right now.... thinking about one thing, then another and another and another....

get it.......

I have many friends who are hurting physically, emotionally and spiritually and all of them and their circumstances keep coming to my mind.....then I start praying for them one by one....then more start popping into my mind....and more praying.....


Count your blessings name them one by one......through each circumstance my friends and myself face everyday...there is a BLESSING awaiting us...thank you Lord!

Monday, January 31, 2011

What's gotcha clogged up....?

I was lying here thinking about the sermon our pastor shared yesterday and a statement he made toward the end came to my thoughts and I had to share another post for today. He said....

"what is it that is clogging up your life"?

So I figured I needed to take some inventory of my own life and see what it is that clogs up my daily life and keeping my relationship from growing with Jesus the way He wants it to. If I have clogs then I can't grow cause nothing is able to get through.

Let's remember none of us are perfect or have perfect lives so all of us have clogged up drains that God is just waiting to get a plunger on and clear the lines...... let's all take some inventory and get one of those "snake thingys" and look into ourselves and see what's clogged and get it set free so He can "freely" move in and through us.

Pictures of feelings....

I have been sitting around tonite reading God's Word and contemplating on some thoughts and this one thought just came to my mind......if I could take a picture of "my feelings" what would it look like right now? and would that picture change as the minutes, hours went by? or does my picture always stay the same?

Here is what my picture would look like right now....
I am happy!!!!!!!

Just some food for thought, what about you? what would the picture of your feelings look like right now?

2011 MS 50 Mile Challenge Walk

Know someone with MS? I do.
My sister in law, Beth McCormick.

I will be participating in my 8th year of walking 50 miles to help find a cure for this disease. There are many suffering every day and many who can't even take "one" step that ones who can walk take for granted when we get up from our beds every morning. I've attached a link to this post hoping you would be willing to donate to this cause and help the thousands of people who need YOU. The donations are not only to aid in helping to find a cure but also help them with many of their daily needs they have each day.

Please click today and help me to help them! Thanks

SSMT #3....

"My soul melts from heaviness, strengthen me according to Your Word" Psalms 119:28

The reason I chose this verse as my memory verse #3 for 2011, is my heart has been heavily burdened for a few friends in my life and I KNOW God's Word will strengthen me, it gives me hope, it gives me peace, it lifts my burdens and my heaviness that I feel with them and what they are facing during these times in their life. It is a reminder to me that no matter how heavy my load or their load, His Word is my promise that He will bring me and them through everything we face. Thank you Lord for your constant promises throughout every page of Your Word!

Your Word NEVER fails and I'm praying that my friends will also dig into your beautiful Word and find this same peace from their heaviness too!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Room Service anyone?..........

(Check out my room service tray , yep He left it for me)

I have been pondering over many thoughts today of several issues and I came to one conclusion "my every morning is room service from my Lord".
When you are out of town and you call to order room service they bring it to you on this nice tray with everything just as you desire it to be, it all looks fresh, smells wonderful and you can't wait to dig in.
Well that is how "every morning" of my life is, except I don't have to call room service to place an order. My order is already waiting for me on my night stand when I get up, I don't have to wait for anyone to bring it to me, or worry that its late, It's already there waiting for me when my feet hit the floor, to feast from it, to eat it up, to dig in and experience the meat, the fruit, the freshness it has just by opening it up. And I have to say this is much better than bacon and eggs.
Thank you Lord for having my order ready for me each morning and thanks for filling my cup with your daily promises. I know that each day has struggles and trials but when I eat from the food you gave me "Your Word" I can't help but be "filled" and "full", and the times I'm feeling empty I'm gonna head back to my room service tray you left for me and get a "refill".